Oh hello there. I totally noticed you. Thank you for reading me. I’m Jannic Mascello. Even though Autocorrect tries to convince me it should be Marcello. 
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Switzerland Tourism

In Switzerland, you can experience unspoilt nature that is easily accessible. If you want to experience a sunset in front of a breathtaking panorama, you can get there safely and on time. If you want to cool off outside, you can always jump into a crystal-clear lake without worrying. In Switzerland you won't be eaten by wild animals, and you can get anywhere on the mountains either by hiking boots or by gondola. It is precisely these advantages that make Switzerland and its nature a holiday destination where everyone can recharge their batteries to the maximum.

In short: if you really want to relax, if you really want to escape from everyday life, if you really want to return to everyday life full of energy, then you need more than holidays. Then you need Switzerland. 

Agency: Wirz BBDO, Creative Direction & Text: Livio Dainese, Alain Eicher,  Agency Producer: Erasmo Palomba, Director: David Constantin; Production: Shining Pictures

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