Oh hello there. I totally noticed you. Thank you for reading me. I’m Jannic Mascello. Even though Autocorrect tries to convince me it should be Marcello. 
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V-Love is broadly positioned with plant-based alternatives to a wide range of products from butter, milk and yogurt to schnitzel and burgers, setting it apart from the competition. Together with the campaign, which has been on air since January 1, Migros manages to make the plant-based lifestyle accessible to the general population during Veganuary, true to the Migros claim "simply live well".

Agency: Wirz BBDO, Creation: Livio Dainese, Lorenz Clormann, Marcus Josty, Anna Leudolph, Matthias Fürst, Artur Faria, Luigi Vitiello, Adrian Busse, Nicola Peter, Nico Schläpfer, Nicola Willi; Storyline: Cosima Lang, Laura Saner; XLab: Adrian Huwyler, Nico Keramaris, Tony Faria, Björn Bippus, Nathalie Reichmuth; Project Management: Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck, Valeria Vuckovic, Katharina Erdrich, Annika Nielsen; Strategy: Urs Krucker, Marleen Diener; Mediarealisation: Giovanni Bucca, Thomas Peller, Andrea Bosshard, Rino Frei, Oliver Fäs, Sonja Jegen, Angelo Mabellini, Rahel Signer, Chantal Speiser
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