Oh hello there. I totally noticed you. Thank you for reading me. I’m Jannic Mascello. Even though Autocorrect tries to convince me it should be Marcello. 
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Unlike Christmas, there are hardly any old customs and traditions at Easter that everyone tries to stick to, according to a statement on Monday evening. On the contrary. Everyone celebrates it a little differently. Some get together for brunch, others for dinner. Some celebrate with family, others with friends. Some only eat fish on Easter, others prefer chocolate bunnies. The films of this year's Migros Easter campaign are just as different as the people in Switzerland celebrate Easter.

Agency: Wirz BBDO, Creative Direction: Caspar Heuss; Text: Florian Siegrist; Agency Producer: Erasmo Palomba; Production: Stories AG; Director: Micha Lewinsky; Director of Photography: Jan Mettler; Executive Producer: Florian Nussbaumer; Producer: Joel Scheidegger; Production Coordinator: Chenyi Yu; Production Design: Peter Scherz; Styling: Pascale Suter; Music: Adrian Frutiger, Fabian Sturzengger; Sound: Jingle Jungle AG

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