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The Migros electronics retailer has a brand new claim and is celebrating it with an image campaign that focuses on the competence of its advisors.

For this, Wirz has developed a modular film concept in which typical fail purchases are pointedly shown in the shortest possible time. The biggest television, the trendiest notebook, the most expensive mobile phone or the most powerful hoover are not right for everyone. The main message: it's better to get expert advice from melectronics beforehand.

Agency: Wirz BBDO, Creative Direction: Caspar Heuss; Text: Florian Siegrist, Adrian Busse; Agency Producer: Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer; Project management: Simone Jehle, Jan Keller, Fabian Nold, Barbara Waldvogel; Production: Filmgerberei GmbH; Director: Marina Klauser

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