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The last snow has gone and Gian and Giachen are on their way to Shooting Star Mountain. In the app, families can experience and help create stories together with the ibexes. And all this in the destinations of Surselva, Davos-Klosters and Val Surses. They are on the move with the RhB.

The animated scenes are taken from the bestselling children's book "Gian und Giachen und der Sternschnuppen-Berg". The scanner can be used to scan the pages of the children's book so that you can be redirected to the corresponding scene online. Google Maps can then be used to calculate the route directly to the original location. The app can be accessed directly in the browser at kinderwelt.app. For the start of the season, Kinderwelt will be advertised with a multi-stage online campaign from June.

Agency: Wirz BBDO, Creative Direction: Alain Eicher; Text: Yannick Schaller, Adrian Busse; Graphic Design: Elena Gabriel; Agency Producer: Erasmo Palomba; xLab: Adrian Huwyler, Nico Keramaris, Ria Breitenmoser, Björn Bippus, Tony de Faria, Angelo Mabellini, Anina Eugster; Illustration: Amélie Jackowski;

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