Oh hello there. I totally noticed you. Thank you for reading me. I’m Jannic Mascello. Even though Autocorrect tries to convince me it should be Marcello. 
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In Graubünden, the people describe peaceful and cosy moments with the word «patgific». But actually patgific is much more than that: it is an attitude in a world that is becoming ever faster and more complex. An attitude that always makes you see the good in a situation, as it says in a message. And this is what Gian and Giachen try to convey in their own way.

Agency: Wirz BBDO, Creative Direction: Alain Eicher, Text: Florian Siegrist, Art Direction: Matthias Fürst, Agency Producer: Nadja Kilchhofer, Erasmo Palomba, Production & Animation: Sehsucht, Sound: Jingle Jungle
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